Saturday, December 24, 2011


I could not let the day go by without wishing all of my friends a very Merry Christmas!

I want to share some pictures with you from last year.  On December 26, we awoke to a very rare and beautiful snowfall!  I didn’t go outside but I did take pictures from inside looking out.  It was so wonderful getting snow at all, much less that close to Christmas!





I love this picture of my neighbor’s house with their Christmas decorations out.  Their house is always pretty at Christmas, but the addition of the snow made for a gorgeous scene. 

This year, my daffodils are blooming on Christmas Day! They should not be blooming for another 2 or 3 months, so again we are having rare weather at Christmas. 

I wish you all a peaceful, joyous Christmas, and if you have a loved one on the way home from Iraq or Afghanistan, God Bless you and your loved one.  My Son will be leaving March 5th to start Basic Training in the Army…. following in his Father’s footsteps it seems. 

Merry Christmas! I am looking forward to sharing lots with you in 2012.


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