Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hi cuties! My new blogging friend, Mynnette (On A Stampage), introduced me to a new blog this week. It is called Stamping Ground and every Wednesday they host What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday (WOYWW). It is just as it sounds! Pictures of crafters workspace showing what they are working on.  I had been thinking about a post to show my space, so I figure now is the time. But don’t fret! I’ll be back later today with cards to share, two of them in fact.  


This is a spare bedroom that I have been working in. My storage racks are left over from my old business. They were used to hold stock, but now, they are being re-invented to house crafting supplies. They are definitely a work-in-progress. 

Can  you see the wire in the bottom right corner? That is Joy’s crate. She is too young for me to allow her to run around while I work, so she goes in her crate and snoozes while I work.


I have been playing with the best way to store ribbon so I can see what I have quickly.  I decided to buy those really inexpensive cafĂ© rods and some metal brackets that hold them out from the wall. They are temporarily held on the wall with those removable wall hangers, but they are not very steady. I hope to convince my DH to let me put holes in the wall and attach them properly.

For the ribbons that I order by the yard, I bought canning jars (the small ones) and wooden clothespins. I just wind the ribbon onto the clothespins and sort them by color in the jars.  The location is temporary. I am working on getting a short bookcase moved from downstairs to my craft room. I can then store these ribbons on top and easily see what is available.


I posted this card yesterday.  This is my desk as I was working on it. I keep my stamp cleaner and pads handy to encourage me to clean my stamps as I go. At the top of the picture you can see the bottom of my little 3-drawer organizers. The one on the right holds all of my adhesives and misters.  The one on the left has all of my pearl and rhinestone embellies in it.  Flowers are still in a plastic bin on the floor beside my chair. Next time I’ll get some pictures of that and my paper storage.

Well, that is my workspace for this week. Hope you enjoyed checking it out! Thanks for stopping by and, PLEASE, if you are not a follower yet, please become one today! I love to see new faces and names so I can find new sites to visit.

Have a great day and stop by later to see my cards!



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