Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Oh what a beautiful morning….. Well it is! Sunshine, blue skies, birds singing, flowers blooming, what more could you ask for? 
In my last post, I promised a sneak peak at one of the projects I am working on.  So, today, that is what you will get! It is What’s on Your Workspace Wednesday (WOYWW), which means this week I will post a shot of my current workspace.
This is not my normal workspace. Since I am quilling a project, I just work on a little table in front of the TV so I can spend time with my DH.  It is not as convenient as being at my desk, but I would go batty sitting up there alone doing this! 
I will be working on this one for a while! But it is for a special event so I need to get it done.  Once it is complete, I’ll show you the finished project!!
Well, if you follow me you know how I love flowers; and as I said in my opening, the flowers are blooming! So, I thought I would share the backyard view from my deck and one from my porch.
Golden Bells 3_14_12
This bed is under the Maple tree and is all a bloom with Lenten Roses and Golden Bells. Nothing says spring any more than Golden Bells!
Carolina Jasmine3_14_12
This is from the porch looking down at the Carolina Jasmine on the fence.  It too is in full bloom. I just LOVE this vine with it’s delicate little yellow flowers.  You can see the neighbor’s Bartlett Pears blooming in the background. It is so much fun walking through the neighborhood and seeing all the blooms and smelling the Bartlett Pears. My son thinks they stink, but I love the smell!
Thanks so much for stopping by today! If you are here from my link at WOYWW, I know you have a TON of hops so I’ll stop here for now.
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